10 Unique Fundraising Ideas


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I have to say, there is so much negativity on social media nowadays, whether it is obscene videos, political arguments, or just sad news stories. One of the things that keeps me hanging on is the delight I feel to see my friends asking for donations for some kind of good they or others are doing in this world.

Using social media platforms with a link to your fundraising site is one of the most effective ways to get people to donate since it is just a click away. In fact, having a donation page is one of my tips for raising thousands for your charity. However, if you’re just slapping up your link on your Facebook page every now and then, you aren’t being a very active fundraiser – and people will see that. I’m 2010, I raised more than $3,000 with Team in Training. It was hard work, but it was fun coming up with new ways to raise money. While there are a number of tried and true ways, take it an extra step and find some unique ways to raise funds. It will show people you’re passionate and motivated to the cause and let them have some fun too.

  1. Guest Bartend. There are a number of bars that will hold guest bartending nights – or talk to your local watering hole and see if they will set one up for you. During these nights, you can guest bartend without pay, but keep your tips. Invite friends and family to the bar to support you and make sure you let other patrons know your tips are going to a good cause.
  2. Host a Party. Throw a party and charge a cover to go towards your fundraising. It won’t even feel like you’re working.
  3. Partner with a Boss Babe. A number of multi-level marketing and/or direct sales businesses your friends are part of offer charity parties. These are your typical jewelry or makeup parties, but instead of your friend making all of the commission, part of it goes to a non-profit of your choice. Not only will your party raise money for your charity, you’ll also help your friend’s business.
  4. Sell Your Skills. What are you good at? How can your talents help others? What makes them so special that others will pay your for it? Figure that out and then sell it.
  5. Auction a Date. Host a date auction. Ask a few single friends to be auctioned off for a date. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up on a date with their soulmate.
  6. Make Raffles More Interesting. If you’re body confident – or have a friend who is – create a raffle ticket shirt or dress and sell your tickets off of it. Just, wear something underneath, like a bathing suit or something. Let’s not get super inappropriate here.
  7. Give them a Motive. People love to donate when there is something in it for them – especially, it seems, when it’s your pride on the line. Think of how many people spend money on dunk tanks, just to be able to see someone get soaked. Think of something that will entice people to donate – a pie to the face, a brisk jump into a frozen lake, etc.
  8. Get in the Holiday Spirit. Use holidays to your advantage to sell decorations, baked goods, or photos. Sell personalized ornaments or set up a photo booth with Santa, Jack Skellington, Cupid, or a giant turkey.
  9. Use Ebates. Ebates offers cashback on the online purchases you make through the site. It also often provides you with different deals and discount codes that participating stores have going on at the time of your purchase. Whatever money you get back, put it towards your fundraising. I use Ebates and I love It! Bonus, it’s free to sign up.
  10. Donate Your Extra Earnings. Donate to yourself by putting some of your extra income from your side hustle towards your fundraising.

What creative ways have you raised money for a charity?

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