How to Support Your Boss Babe Friend

Support Your Friend's Business

I gotta tell ya, I have some seriously motivated friends. There are so many out there working on their own business, it can be hard to keep track.

You may have noticed what seems to be a phenomenon on social media – a number of women starting their own businesses. This could be anything from blogging (guilty!), to photography, to multi-level marketing and direct sales companies, like Mary Kay, Pure Romance, Beach Body, and Young Living.

If you’re anywhere between the ages of 21 and 40, you probably have at least one friend who has started their own business. If you’re like me, you have at least 20. I think what these ladies are doing is awesome, and I want to support them all! Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to buy a product from everyone. Sometimes, I don’t even have enough cash to buy from one of them (some products are really expensive!). So, I got to thinking, what else can I do to help my fellow boss babes out? So, I asked them.

Offer Your Talents for Free

Maybe you’re a great writer, have a knack for taking captivating photos, or you have the perfect hands to model jewelry or nail designs. Whatever your talent, offer it to your friend free of charge to help her sell her product or services.

Share Their Stuff

If your friend is starting a new business, like and share her page. If she has a new product, share about it on your social media or tell friends about it. If she is a blogger or photographer and posts a new post, share, share, share on social media! Not only will your share get more eyes on her brand, it can also help her site with SEO (search engine optimization).

Attend Their Events

Nothing puts you more at ease than a friendly face in the crowd. Many times, she bosses hold parties or host a booth at various events to sell their products or educate others on their business. Show your support by attending the event. Just being there to show your support and add to their number of attendees will help.

Invite Your Friends

If you’re going to their event, bring a friend who may be interested in learning more about the product or the business. You may not be able to afford anything, but maybe your friend will want to buy something or host her own party. Even if your plus one doesn’t purchase anything, it will still add to the number of attendees. If they have a business page on social media, invite your friends to follow. There is nothing that boosts your confidence (and business) more than gaining followers on social media.

Wait for a Sale

If you feel like you do need to show your support by purchasing from your friend, wait for something to be on sale, and then buy it. Or, comb through the products and find the cheapest product you can. Sometimes, the cheapest product or the sale item is still really expensive. In that case, there’s only one thing you can do.

Be Honest

If you have a friend who keeps asking you to buy their product or service, be honest with them. If you can’t afford it or your budget just doesn’t allow for it, let them know. Tell them that you would love to help them any way you can, but you cannot afford to purchase something from them. If they aren’t understanding, are they really your friend?

How do you support your friend’s personal business?

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