Four Ways Bloggers Make Money



I have to admit, I am presently surprised by how many people have asked me about my blog with genuine interest. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t count on your family and friends to read your blog , so I must be a really lucky lady to have such a strong support system.

There are always two questions I am asked when someone brings up my blog in conversation. “How’s your blog doing?” is the first, which is then followed by, “Do you want to make money on it?” Of course, who wouldn’t want to make extra money doing something they love?! But, as of right now, I know this little baby of mine is not ready for the big leagues, and I am happily typing away with no extra income from this side project of mine. And that is what I tell them. “Right now, this is just a hobby. But, YES, eventually I would love to make money from this.”

Of course that answer is followed up with another question, “How much can you actually make from a blog?” The answer shocks them. The answer shocked me when I first began reading income reports from other bloggers. There are some blogs making hundreds of dollars a month. Then there are blogs making thousands of dollars a month. I’m talking $30,000, or even $100,000 – A MONTH. While I don’t know if this blog – or any others I create – will get to that point (but a girl can dream, right?!), I do know there are four main ways to make money.

Affiliate Marketing

In the simplest of terms, affiliate marketing is promoting a person or company’s product or service and earning money for each sale you make from that promotion. A blogger will link to the company or person’s website by linking keywords within their post. The best part is that most affiliate networks are free to join.

Sponsored Posts

These are posts that are promoting a specific company or product. A blogger will work with a specific company to create a post about a product or service. Most of the time, bloggers (at least those with good conscience) will write their own, unbiased opinions. Bloggers may get paid or offered free product for these posts.


Bloggers can make money by selling space on their blog’s page to various businesses. There are different kinds of ads. There are pay per click, which are exactly what they sound like – you get paid with every click on the ad. Bloggers can also charge “rent” for the space. Blogs with a ton of traffic are prime real estate for advertising because there are a ton of eyes that will see the ads.

Their Own Product or Service

Many bloggers have expanded their talents to ebooks, planners, webinars, and online trainings. In fact, selling their own products or services is the main way many bloggers make their income.

While this list and each description sound easy enough, believe me, it is a ton of work to get your blog to a money-making position. Many of these successful bloggers have been blogging for a long time, and didn’t see much – if any – income for months or even years. It was only when they started to treat their blog like a business when they really saw growth. So, while you can make money blogging, it comes with patience and hard work.

Do you own a blog? How do you make money as a blogger?