Blog Conferences: Why Every Blogger Should Attend One

Why Every Blogger Should Attend a Blog Conference

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of information, networking, and a whole lot of fun. As a new blogger, I still have a ton to learn. Not only that, but I also need to get my brand out there. So, I decided to attend two blog conferences – and, let me tell you, I am so happy I did.

Blog conferences are events that teach bloggers new techniques and strategies for growing their blog. They include keynote speakers and breakout sessions based on various topics.

They occur throughout the year, all over the country. They are usually a few days – many are over the weekend – and, in just those few days, bloggers come back with a fresh perspective, long list of to do’s, and some serious swag.

Here’s why I think every blogger should attend at least one blog conference.

New Tips, New Strategies, New Ideas

With every speaker and every educational session comes pages and pages of notes. Every person who leads a session has seen success in whatever the topic is. They’ll tell you how they succeeded, share their best tips, and take the time to answer questions. Some sessions you may see at a conference may include growing your email list, how to write engaging content, how to grow your social media following, or how to work with affiliates.

You’ll also have time to speak with other attendees who are bloggers, who can share their strategies as well. Not only that, but being surrounded by so many creative individuals will get your own creative juices flowing!

New Brands and Businesses to Work With

What’s better than having a huge group of influencers all in one spot? Many businesses see the potential they have here and take full advantage of this opportunity to present their product or service and recruit bloggers to write about it.

No matter what blog conference you attend, chances are it will be sponsored by a few businesses that will be there to talk about their products and offer a few samples or discounts.

New Friends, New Blogs to Follow

Blog conferences make it easy to network and meet a ton of people. Every meal is like a lunch at the cafeteria of a new school – except every table welcomes a newcomer and most of the people sitting together are meeting each other for the first time too. There is usually a cocktail hour or some kind of evening soiree, and each session presents a new opportunity to introduce yourself to the person you’re sitting next to.

The best part? Every new person you meet is a blogger just like you. That means they share the same passion and the same struggles, so the conversation is easy and it never feels competitive. Even better? You’ll be introduced to a new blog to follow.

New Readers, New Followers

Just as you’ll be introduced to new blogs from the people you meet, they will also be introduced to yours. For every person you meet, you could be gaining a new reader or a new follower. Even if they don’t subscribe or follow, chances are they will at least visit your blog or social media sites to check out what you’ve got going on. The atmosphere is so supportive, everyone is in it together and helping each other through the trenches. There really isn’t competition – at least you don’t feel it!

New Swag

Of course, all of the above benefits are more important, but who doesn’t love free stuff? Like I said before, businesses will be there and will want you to try their product or service. There will also be raffles and giveaways, along with items branded with the conference name. Some swag I’ve received from previous conferences has included t-shirts, water bottles, canvas bags, moleskin journals, beauty products, and jewelry.

If you’re looking to grow your blog, find new ways to make money as a blogger, and continue learning as much as you can, I would highly recommend attending at least one blog conference. Keep in mind, they do cost money, so if you do decide to attend one, start saving now.

What blog conferences have you been to? What did you gain from them?

Why Every Blogger Should Attend a Blog Conference